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Are you eager to know how digital tools can help you engage with your audience and improve your user’s experience? If so I can help.


Photo by Adam Solomon

My name is Becky Birch. I am a designer with a heavy focus on digital transformation– user experience, interface design and brand communication.

Throughout my career, I have noticed how many people still dismiss the importance of user experience (UX) due to lack of understanding and education. I responded by launching Together Incredible, a connecting hub where like-minded enthusiasts can learn invaluable tips, exchange ideas and improve the success of a website.

“Together we are incredible” Becky Birch

I hope you enjoy interacting with Together Incredible and find the articles valuable – I would love to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to get more involved.

You can drop me an email any time, or join us on Twitter and Instagram for a daily source of user experience.

You can see some of my design work at