Custom illustrations

Web trends 2018, suggest custom illustrations will become increasingly popular in the digital industry, not just as art but as visual information. So many of us are familiar with the phrase – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’

High bounce rates and low customer engagement have proposed an opportunity to use illustrations for not only, catching the users eye, but also as a form of communication.

Did you know, the most recognised meanings of the verb to “illustrate” is:

  • ‘clarity’
  • ’to provide with visual features intended to explain or decorate’
  • ‘to make clear by giving or by serving as an example or instance.

This clearly shows the diverse potential of illustration in UI/UX projects. No matter where the illustrations appear, the basics remain the same:


“The aim of illustration is to enlighten, clarify and deliver a message via visual elements.”



The Details Matter

Highly detailed illustrations are incredible when executed properly. They should be aesthetically pleasing, captivating for the majority of viewers and a functional element within the UI.

The theory behind illustration on websites or apps is to provide the user with a piece of information faster and easier than it could happen with text. If the user does not understand the illustration, there is no reason to have it. The aim is to engage the user and allow strong messages to be translated faster through imagery.

Using illustration in UI can fulfil multiple user needs, that is why it is so popular in UX. We have listed 5 tips to consider when the illustration is applied in the user interface:

  1. Meaningful
  2. Unambiguous
  3. Clarifying
  4. Not overloading the screen
  5. Improve usability


Below are some more great examples of custom illustrations on the web.


“Going for a spin”

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Latham Arnott


Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Norde


A call is like a text message but with a voice.

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Justin Mezzell


“I’m Home”

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Justin Mezzell


Late night fire

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Mikael Gustafsson


“Illustration created for the web site”

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Vera Voishvilo


“City at sunset”

Featured on: Dribbble
Designer: Guillaume Kurkdijan



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