Miguel is a founder and designer at Reign Supreme, London – where he aims to champion the helm of creativity. Here is a glimpse of Miguel’s work and involvement in the UX design community.


1. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

My name is Miguel and I help create awesome work for awesome people, but for the purpose of this interview: Founder of marketing agency Reign Supreme.


2. You have recently set up a business – Can you tell us a little more about it?

In short, we’re a Japanese inspired, purpose-driven agency that helps brands build loyal followings and start their own movements.

I launched the agency mid 2017 out of a frustration for a lack of game-changing creativity, and a conformity for mediocre client service.

We’ve since gone from strength to strength supporting brands in a variety of industries, from beer to technology, and we’re aiming to truly make our mark on the industry this year.


3. So, what is your definition of UX?

UX is the intersection between functionality and design. It’s what makes the experience of using technology pleasurable and most importantly practical.

You may have the world’s most useful and ingenious software, but without a great UX design no one will use it.

It is also far more than just a pretty looking layout, it’s the architecture behind the front panel.


4. How do you include UX in your design process?

That’s a tough one, I like to think I have an eye for design so I go by my own intuitions, but I imagine that wouldn’t be the case for most people.

We have a rule here at Reign Supreme regarding design, and that’s that everything that comes out of here has to be badass & beautiful. And what that really means is that UX is taken seriously, we want it to be pleasurable for people to look at and functional to use our work.

A good rule of thumb for those without an eye for design, might be to ask for other, non-bias, opinions on how enjoyable the use of the design is.


5. What is your favourite research method and how has this helped you make business decisions?

As with all good research methods, we start with Google. However, we also run a discovery meeting that fully dissects the heart of the problem and what we’re here to solve. Our solution is only as good as this initial meeting, so it helps profoundly.


6. How do you get feedback from your users? How do you conduct your user research?

Be straight-forward and ask, their feedback helps you improve and in-turn provide better value to them in future. Also, it’s important to separate your ego from the equation. Always be open to criticism and take external points of view on board.

We don’t conduct too much user research, but we’d use focus groups on behalf of our clients.


7. How do you put your ideas together? What tools do you use to create?

We express our ideas visually using a magical platform called Powerpoint, but other than that, we use Illustrator and a good old-fashioned notepad.


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