Banksy Exhibition in the Moco Museum, Amsterdam was eye-opening …

Read the text in the image below

How can Banksy allow typographical errors posted alongside his world-famous art? Ok, this may be due to the translation, however, it is outrageous (but funny to an extent)


Designs are unforgiving when it comes to human error – especially coming from a world-class phenomenon. It’s the designer’s role to make the user feel confident and in control at all times, not make them feel stupid.




Take pride in the content you create because the content is UX.

We have all been creators of content at some point – our diary, text messages, work emails and social posts. We have also been consumers of content too – news articles, blogs, website content and textbooks.

Content is a huge part of our lives and our need to communicate is paramount.


 Content is at the heart of design. Without content, design will have no meaning.


If the primary purpose of websites, art exhibitions or services is to deliver valuable content to an audience, we should be designing content-first for the best possible UX.

We often miss the opportunity to validate our UX designs with content insights, instead of waiting until the final stages – which is too late.


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