When we think about innovation, most of us think about technology. However, across the web there are hundreds of articles about radical innovation pushed by technology. Block chain, computer generated voice, machine learning and AI are just a few.  

Technology is the stimulant for new possibilities, but as UX designers we must analyse how new possibilities can add value to a users’ experience, not draw away from it. With so many business’ practising the the Agile methodology, now is a great time to learn the latest techniques and tools to develop your skillset. 


The users’ needs are not only satisfied by form and function, but through experience 


In order to get a seamless experience alongside futuristic products the user interface needs to strive for two things; simplicity and clarity. A user should be able to perform a desired task with little effort and distraction as possible. 

Below are a few examples of how UI/UX trends are breaking barriers and expanding on new technology.


Project: Innovation
Author: EVS



Project: Tesla Model 3 | User Interface
Author: Michael Cherkashin 



Project: SOUND
Author: Dennis Schafer



Project: Nike Store
Author: Anton Skvortsov


dimensional UI

Project: Daily Renders: Dimensional UI
Author: Fyn Ng



Innovation and Technology are constantly moving, it is almost impossible to keep up with every product on the market.

As shown above, a combination of great technology with quality UI helps towards a great all round user experience. Where is the future in technology going? Leave your comments…


“The best products don’t focus on features, they focus on clarity.” — Jon Bolt




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