This contemporary backpack from The North Face is costly, but the premium quality shines through. It’s not easy to get the right balance of comfort, protection and style in a backpack, but we have found one which covers all three technicalities.

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The Access pack is a shell-like design created with the modern day city worker in mind. Its subversive design allows you to open the central compartment with a custom designed button, a pull handle that effortlessly lifts out your device and a fleece-lined pockets for dynamic organisation. The backpack boasts fine attention to detail and is fully-featured to carry your laptop, power cords, tablet and more.

We particularly like this backpack as it features a supportive back panel for all-day comfort, it stands on its own and has easy-to-use locking mechanism for worry-free commuting. Although the bag is quite expensive, it is durable and absolutely worth the purchase.

The North Face Access Pack:

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The North Face Access Pack

The North Face Access Pack

The North Face Access Pack


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