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10 Twitter accounts that will help land your dream job

Designer looking through twitter for jobs

Twitter is a destination for so many talents and opportunities across the globe – not just creative. It is profoundly used to voice opinions, share news and retweet inspirational work. However, it is an under-rated tool for job search success compared with other platforms, such as Linkedin.

At one time it was just recruitment agencies who shared employment opportunities on twitter but now, many companies will tweet about new jobs before they are widely posted. Studios and agencies will often advertise on Twitter to reach out the there followers – why not, they must be a fan to follow the account!

We have curated a list of the best twitter accounts which tweet daily job opportunities and may open your eyes to what is out there! You never know you could scroll past your dream job.


Design Jobs Board


Design Jobs board focus on profoundly on digital design roles and connect with agencies across the UK, Europe, North American & Australia. It is the perfect account to follow whether you’re looking for a career change, new opportunity or keeping up-to-date with the creative industry.


Form Fifty-Five


FFF is one of the most inspiring design blogs on the web. They hunt for the best creative talents regardless of experience. Alongside some great articles, FFF regularly tweet exciting job opportunities for designers


Become UK


Become is a well known creative & digital agency working from Manchester, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong. They believe ‘ability is nothing without opportunity’ and are renowned for finding the best opportunities for people at agencies and client side.


If you could jobs


If you could jobs board is part of our favourite blog – It’s Nice That. We would recommend this to you whether you are a junior or the top of your game, the job opportunities are exceptional. Follow their twitter account for a daily feed of the latest jobs across all the creative design fields.



Creative Pool Jobs


Creative Pool seeks to ‘showcase and define the connections behind the world’s creative output’. Not only do they share Jobs on their dedicated Twitter account but they connect with agencies, brands and freelancers to find talented creatives and share their work.


Dribbble Jobs


It may not be the first place to think about your next job but Dribbble shares a mixture of amazing designers and job opportunities across the globe. If you haven’t already, set up an account and promote your work – Dribbble always has head-hunters roaming their main site.


Creative Recruitment


Creative Recruitment helps build careers for both candidates and clients within the creative sector. Follow their twitter account for the latest vacancies and inspiring retweets and be sure to find some great opportunities.


Design Week Jobs


Design week jobs are one of the most popular accounts for designers across the UK. They cover every design discipline from digital to account management. You never know they may tweet your dream job!


Behance Job


Behance is a popular platform for the creative industry – be sure to find some of the most inspirational work and talents across a range of creative disciplines. Their jobs boards offer a great array of opportunities which could be well suited to you – follow their twitter for daily updates and portfolio reviews.




Dsgn Jobs is an incredible platform – it’s one of the best on the web! They pull through the best jobs on an automated feed so you can be confident they will have great opportunities for creatives.


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