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4 tips to help build customer trust through communication

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You have already taken one huge step forward by taking the time to research into building customer trust. It isn’t an easy task trying to get customers, clients and employees to trust your business but it’s obligatory for success. If you can build trust, it’s easier to grow your business and provide excellent customer service. However, if you lose it, it’s very difficult – if not impossible to re-establish it.

“It can take one customer to have a negative experience and that can have an impact on someone else’s purchase.”

Trust is incomprehensible, who knows exactly how it develops? It takes years to build and seconds to break. During your brand development, we encourage you to focus heavily on building your customer trust because once your customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

We have gathered four actions below that will help build trust through brand communication and commitment.


Be Honest

Transparency is the core of building brand values. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything. The idea of exposing the internal culture of a company is daunting however, this should be seen as an opportunity to create increased value for customers.

“People – not corporations – are what people put their trust in”

Being transparent means recognising both your strengths and weaknesses and fabricating these to work for your benefit. Note the emphasis on weaknesses – you will add strength to your brand if you can recognise and work more on your weaknesses.

Customers like or dislike brands, that’s human nature – right? As a brand, you don’t want negative feedback from customers who aren’t loyal to you. If your product isn’t right for them, you should be secure enough to guide them in the right direction. This shows you care about the customers’ needs and by doing this, the customer will have a positive outlook of your brand and could create other leads through word of mouth, reviews and/or social interaction.


Build Loyalty

Do you put your customers first, or do you put revenue first?

We have come across so many companies that think people are walking dollar signs and just want to grab, grab, grab. Yes, people will still buy from you if they believe your product/service solves their problem but If you have that attitude it will not build a long-term trust or encourage repeat sales.

Instead, create tailored content that interests your customers – if you can keep them engaged this will help build brand loyaltyBelow is a couple of ways to begin this:

  • A great start would be to learn what social channels your customers are on and the type of content they want to see. Once this has been established you need to produce similar content consistently to your channels.
  • Map your email campaigns accordingly, the more personalised the content the greater the value to the customer. This will help the customer understand you have taken the time to see what products are right for them – not what is right for you.


Set the bar high, go above and beyond for your customers to show them that you do care and want to gain their trust. Once you have created that strong foundation of connections, the business has a strong foundation of loyal customers.

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Value Feedback

There is no doubt at least one of your customers will have a question or opinion about the product/service they are interested in. Be available to your customers and allow them to interact with you (as a human, not an automated system). If the customer is left short of information, you could begin to lose integrity.

We cannot advise enough to reach out to your customers and get real evidence on how reliable your product is. It could be as simple as a quick survey, online review or a focus group of your target audience. Once you have received feedback, it is important to acknowledge it with clarity.


Drive for quality

Quality comes from consistency within; your brand communication, your design and your end to end delivery. If you can maintain consistency within these three key areas your customers will set a level of expectation and this will help build brand trust.

  • Your brand message should be an extension of your behaviour. What do you want to be perceived as? Focus on this image and set goals to maintain the quality of service.
  • Your design across all your platforms, social networks and print materials should be consistent. This is a very simple way to help build trust with your customers.
  • The end to end delivery of your product is so important. Know your prospects and this will help deliver the expected brand experience. Today over-delivery is ignored but this will show your customers that you do care about their experiences (especially with your brand).
“Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs


Trust is a by-product of a commitment to quality. If you can deliver the right results to your target audience over a long period of time, they will come to believe and trust your product and services.

Focus on the future and trust your path and decisions. The customers have faith in you because you have faith in you.

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