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If you want to reach a tech-savvy audience who aren’t engaging with conventional banner ads, then I can help.

Photo by Austin Chan

I really dislike traditional online marketing, spam emails and banner ad’s that flash continuously in the corner of my screen. So, if you would like to reach out to digital professionals on Together Incredible I will take a slightly different approach.


Drive traffic with a sponsored article

I would be more than happy to share products and services that will make a tech-savvy audience improve there workflow or designs.

The sponsored articles I write for Together Incredible will investigate the difficulties that the product helps to solve and provide advice in that related area. Throughout the article, I will discuss the product in passing and include some direct promotional copy at the end.

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” David Ogilvy


The article will get promoted on the Together Incredible homepage, social media channels and it will get included in my monthly newsletter.


Get in touch

So, if you would like to connect with the audience at Together Incredible, we can arrange the best way to display your content. It may be one sponsored article or long-term campaigns to meet your commercial goals.

You can send me an email to discuss your product or service in more detail, and we can go from there.