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Interface Design

Advice on the power of aesthetic design and how it supports digital services.

How can I help?

I can help to produce user-friendly interfaces: interfaces that encourage exploration without fear of negative consequences.

Simple but effective

Whether you want to improve usability or increase conversion, one of the greatest things you can do is make the user interface effortless. I see so many organisations fixating on the latest trends when they don’t even have the basics right.

Design for the users

User interface design can profoundly influence the usability of a product or service. I often see designers and developers creating interface designs that are more focused on solving their problems than those of the user.

Reduce cognitive load

Cognitive load is the amount of mental processing power needed to use a website or product. Good interface design avoids presenting too much visual clutter—it stops the user having to work too hard to find content and complete tasks.


Consistency is one of the important factors of usability and learnability—users don’t want change in habitual behaviours. The consistency of actions, visuals and function means that each feature should work the same throughout the interface.