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Case Study

Cruyff Classics — inspired by Johan Cruyff

Model shot of Cruyff clothing
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
The Brief

Design & build a luxury website for a global sportswear brand

To design and build a high-end website for a global eCommerce luxury sportswear brand, Cruyff Classics (inspired by Johan Cruyff). Targeting men and women, young or old, the site needed to be confident, inspirational and focus on improving usability to increase the speed of purchase.

iMac mockup of the Cruyff classics website
Initial planning

Positioning the brand tone & voice

As the lead designer on this project, I worked closely with the client to get a clear understanding of their objectives, define their target audience and positioning the brand tone and voice.

I worked collaboratively with internal teams to create and maintain standards across all channels. Taking the mobile-first approach, I shared my work-in-progress at each stage which supported the team to understand the process from beginning to end.

Pencil sketches of the Cruyff wireframes
iPhone mockup of Cruyff product listing page
iPhone mockup of Cruyff product page
iPhone mockup of Cruyff account registration
iPad mockup of Cruyff clothing
User exerperience

Focused largely on usability & customer retention

The success of eCommerce activity relies on several factors—all of which I had to consider—the quality of the product, content and service offered (pre and post-purchase).

I focused largely on usability and customer retention —making the customer journey clear and simple, without unnecessary clicks, time lost on loading pages or frustration of not receiving feedback from the system etc.

Cruyff website mockup of the product details
Cruyff website mockup of the "social hub"

Engaging online experience

A responsive, dynamic website that displayed great photography along with interactive ‘calls to action’ that improve the user journey. The interface was kept consistent for all screens, social networks and included various bespoke features that gave unique offerings into one engaging online experience.

Triple Black Cruyff trainers