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Case Study

JD X — multi-stream music platform

  • Strategy
  • User experience
  • Interface design
  • App integration
Long Story Short

JD X is a multi-stream music platform that is featured in-store & on the JD Sports mobile app.

The platform has 21 bespoke streaming channels with curated playlists and genres, including the main live channel featuring DJs, guest artists and other exclusive content.

I took a holistic approach to the design as a way to future-proof the product and build something sustainable. I worked closely with stakeholders and product owners, granting insight into customer behaviour, leading focus and planning of the product features.

The project involved a lot of sketching, workflow mapping, understanding the number of use cases, content strategy, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design. 

Mockup of iPhones displaying different screens on the JDX music app
iPhone mockup showcasing a JDX music application
Defining the goal

Market leaders in the digital multi-media space.

As the Senior UX Designer, it was my job to be an advocate for the user and create the best user experience possible. The stakeholders valued my ability to help them align KPI’s with their business goals and help track success as a digital product evolves. The main objective of this product was to drive app downloads and be the market leader in the digital multi-media space.

In order to achieve this, the product had to be an extension of the social media channels where users can shop, consume content and listen to music.


Building the bridge between UX and the key stakeholders was essential.

There wasn’t much scope for in-depth research so I took the initiative to organise a workshop to learn more about the market, product and target audience.

I worked closely with the delivery manager, business analyst, technical lead and data analyst to define the requirements and get a top-level estimate before the project continued.

Research document displaying music competitors in the app store
User Experience

Working with data collected during the research phase...

What the users want is central to design thinking and has an enormous influence on the UX design. Working with the data collected during the research phase, I was able to set up user flows which we reviewed and discussed with the team.

Once these had been agreed, I began to design the first version of wireframes.

Userflow designs in sketch
JDX wireframe designs
JDX stage setup with purple and pink lighting

I used InVision app to communicate & create prototypes.

I used InVision to manage feedback, communication and create prototypes. Usually, I’d upload the latest version of the wireframes (and later on interface designs) and walk the team through the experience. After a few rounds of amends to ensure the wireframes included everything, I then went on to design the user interface.

Prototype displaying in InVision

High fidelity designs & developer hand-over

After designing and redesigning until going cross-eyed, I reached a point where all the assets were ready to be passed over to the development team who will build the user interface.

The product included some key features which were partly business requirements and partly user needs;

Shout Out – this feature was based on the knowledge that people are influenced by other people’s actions, this has led to the establishment of social proof in the user experience of many websites and applications.

iPhone mockup of JDX shoutout video feature
iPhone mockup of JDX shoutout video feature

Browse & listen – News digests are based on daily releases and pull through top ranking stories related to JD X users. Compelling imagery and articles are provided to users as they experience the app and listen to music.

iPhone mockup of JDX music events
iPhone mockup of JDX music events
iPad mockup of JDX music application
Good vibes only


I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on this project. I learnt a lot about the UX process, cooperation with third parties and the music industry.

I want to highlight three things I think will have the most impact on my ongoing career and UX process moving forwards:

✔️ One of the most important principles for good user experience is consistency. Whatever our users can do in our web UI, they should be able to do in our other interfaces—and vice-versa.

✔️ User research is the crux of any UX project. The things discovered during this stage lays the foundation for how the entire project will turn out.

In terms of design and development, I believe we optimised the process the best we could given the tight deadlines and circumstances. However, we could have done a little more on the content, particularly during the wireframing stage. Better management and more planning will do the trick next time.

Worked on at JD Sports Fashion PLC