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Sell experiences, not just the product.

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It is crucial to secure customer satisfaction wherever possible. As a UX designer, you should explore the journey of how a user will interact with a product and create profound experiences beyond the product.

Customers are buying the experiences they get from the products and services they purchase. A great example is buying a BMW, you aren’t just buying a car, you’re buying an identity and joining a ‘platinum’ society. It’s largely in how you make your customers feel— for most people purchasing a car is an emotional experience.

It is all about perception and how you make the customers feel when they purchase your product or service, that will keep them wanting more.

“Positive customer perception merged with a memorable experience will form a loyal business.”

Apple, Starbucks and Disney are all very successful businesses. What makes them so much more successful than their competitors?—its the experience they create for their customers.


Experience matters. Believe me.

It’s worth the effort. Create an experience for your customers or you’ll be competing in a market with fragile profit margins and fierce competition.

“We have become a nation of consumers and businesses that value—and will pay extra—for experiences.”

Make UX the business motto

Many design-focused businesses will often put emphasis on strategy, research, prototyping etc yet still, end up with experiences which simply don’t work.

The secret which makes a product successful is when the whole company focuses on user experience. When the organisation is set up in a way that encourages UX, great experiences are created.


Focus on the research, not opinions

As UX designers we see and hear a lot of stakeholders making the critical decisions based on what they ‘think’ their users will want to see. There is no data to back up their decisions its a personal opinion and as a result, the products are failing. Why? because the products are designed for them and not for the customers.

UX designs should be backed up by research, data and facts — it’s the research that uncovers the most common problems in the user journey. From there the designer can create solutions to any of the problems recorded and ultimately improve the user experience.



Selling experiences is a long-term goal and can’t be taken lightly — the whole business has to be behind it. Failing to deliver a promise or not selling an experience people care about won’t cut it. Remember, that one person’s bias opinion (higher up in your office) does not account for the majority of customers using the product. Do your research, have the data and delight customers.

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