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Talk series—let’s have a chat about your journey

talking to a designer at made by shape

In 2018, I created the ‘Talk Series’ as a way to immerse myself into the more extended design industry. The purpose of this series was to chat with other designers and professionals working in digital as a way to learn more, meet new people and broaden our horizons.

The digital world is continuously reshaping as new technologies get introduced. Learning new skills isn’t easy, but the Talk Series can help both you and I see how other designers work and how they solved any problems they encountered.

I often reference, to be the ‘best’, you have to go on a journey of both ups and downs—nothing worth having comes easy. I would love to hear from you about your work (success or failure) and how UX has changed the way you visualise things.

Let’s have a chat about your journey—nothing too serious! I have approximately 2,000+ visitors to my blog each month, so it would be an incredible way to share your story, motivate, inspire and have fun.

I have been lucky to chat with some great designers so far!

“I get to travel across the globe, it’s fantastic. I’ve been in the industry for 13 years now, and my role has changed quite dramatically.”
Andy Golyps at Made By Shape puttting up a picture frame

Andy Golpys on the development of design agency MadeByShape

Show personality. It’s so important. We receive SO many job applications per week, and most are dull – it’s a fact. Make it interesting, make it real – and obviously showcase your talent…


Yesi on creating better experiences and collaborating with people

That’s correct! I became a Judge for the CSS Design Awards back in April 2017 after a colleague of mine advised me to apply. I knew being exposed to designers and developers that feature in CSSDA would give me more experience in becoming a better professional…


Eric Miller on how UX became a studio focus and the story behind his UX Kits

Our ideas were really tested through real-world use with clients. Seeing how clients related to more visual products was our proof-of-concept. Lean and Agile methods certainly apply to our client work, but less so with UX Kits. We do interview some designers and share product concepts and revise those concepts based on that…

Interview with design influence Miguel Casais

UX is the intersection between functionality and design. It’s what makes the experience of using technology pleasurable and most importantly practical. You may have the world’s most useful and ingenious software, but without a great UX design, no one will use it. It’s also far more than just a pretty looking layout, it’s the architecture behind the front panel…


I will continuously share interviews on Together Incredible and explore different topics you find relevant, interesting and useful. You can see them on the blog page, and I will share them on my social channels, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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