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User research matters. Download our usability test script

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User research matters regardless of the size of your company – startup or large enterprise – one valuable key to success is that you must talk to your customers.

It is so easy for a company to use Google Analytics to gather data about the ‘what’ but through user research, we can understand the ‘why’. Without talking to the customers and learning their behaviours you could be creating something they don’t want – a complete waste of time and money!

We want to encourage you to carry out your own user research interviews and help you begin focusing on customer development. Below, we share some user research tips and the option to download our usability script template.


User research tips…


1. Ask open-ended questions

Some users will feel very relaxed in interviews and give full answers without many prompts but others will only answer what is being suggested. It is important to keep the conversation flowing and creating an opportunity for the person to tell you stories – this could lead you to some great insights.


2. Don’t as too many questions

Prioritise what questions are most important to your research goals. Before the research interview begins you should have spent some quality time curating the questions you want to ask.


3. Dig Deep

For each answer the customer gives, keep asking ‘why’ or ‘why not’ – what people say and do are very different things. It’s natural that participants may get stuck and look to you for help but try to answer questions with questions. For example “How might you get support to figure this out?”


4. Explain there’s no right or wrong

Let your users know from the start, there are no right or wrong answers. Some users feel like they’re sitting an exam rather than testing your product’s ease of use.


Download our usability test script

Click the link below to download our usability test script. This is a template which can be used to test a wireframe, website improvements or a product.

A constant learning cycle

Conducting user interviews gets better over time – like most skills really. It is a process of trial and error until you build more confidence to get it right. The tips and usability script about will truly help you get a head start.

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