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UX design is more than just aesthetics

UX designer talking through his designs on a macbook pro

In this article, we discuss why UX designers should be involved in business aspects more. It is slowly becoming common knowledge that user experience design is not just about creating beautiful designs or building something to just impress.

UX designers should be operating daily within the overlap of business goals and user needs. Why create a product just because YOU think it looks good? Today’s culture is far too demanding to take on this approach – create something that provides value to both the business and users.

UXer’s are problem solvers but without understanding the product it becomes very difficult to deliver the desired results. When companies say their user-centric, they are not just referring to the aesthetics but also the usability and user satisfaction.

“User-centred design – brings users into the design process. It reduces the gaps between who is creating a product and who is using it.”
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We would always encourage UX designers to be more involved in the business objectives. Below is a list of four basic insights of how we believe a UX designer should tackle new products and utilise a business mindset.


Understand the product strategy

It’s more than likely the end goal is growth and to achieve the growth you need to bridge the gap between what you aspire to be and what you are doing.

When you start to develop a clearer understanding of strategy and growth then it instantly becomes easier to start designing solutions that not only delight your users but further drive your brand in the right direction.

Remember you don’t need to be an expert in each topic but it’s important to have a clear understanding of the basics.


Follow the current and future market

Designers should be aware of the current growth in business opportunities and keep up to date with notable shifts in user habits—technology changes as well as the demands of people.

Expectations are changing fast. Users demand the same level of urgency from the product you are working on right now. Endless product backlogs and features that never go live can destroy your brand and frustrate your customers.

For UX designers, industry knowledge is a valuable asset if they want to enhance the credibility of work and experience within the business context.


Improve Your Business Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most powerful skills of UX designers when it comes to presenting articulate design choices, providing an explanation of the work and interacting with stakeholders.

It is important to take a more proactive approach to learn the language of business people. Seeking business mentorship is a great way to get business perspectives and insights.


Understand the growth

Even though it might not be a UXer’s primary objective, user experience drives growth. Iterative phases are planned to improve and develop a product or service based on the data received. UX designers often prefer qualitative data whereas many business people focus on the quantitative data—neither can work without data.


Data is key

UX designers need data to see how and why the product is truly being used. Business people need data to know which acquisition channels are working best and whether customers are returning.

“Statistics help us summarize and understand the hard data we collect, and instincts do the same for all the messy real-world experiences we observe. And that’s why the best products — the ones that people want to use, love to use — are built with a bit of both.” Braden Kowitz


UX designers will learn a vast amount from the data-driven mindset of business people. But, keep in mind that business people often overlook that an impressive product is a key to growth. Its the role of a UX designer to produce user-friendly, valuable products that solve customer pain points—great products that solve problems will encourage growth.

“If your product isn’t user-friendly and doesn’t solve the user pains points, users won’t return.”

UXer’s working alongside business people will help the business adapt to the new technologies. It is key to share knowledge through communication and encourage the wider teams to be more aware of the UX industry. UX helps business growth!

It’s obvious that businesses who fail to present an optimal experience for their users will find themselves at a significant disadvantage to competitors who currently utilise it.

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